Cutting the ribbon at the Pfennig Bazaar:
Mayor Dr. Susanne Wimmer-Leonhardt, Colonel Brandon Hileman
(right), Vizekommandeur des 86. Lufttransportgeschwaders der US Luftwaffe,
and Colonel William S. Galbraith von der 21. TSC der Logistikeinheit der US-Armee.

Hundreds attended the 56th Pfennig Bazaar of the German-American & International Women’s Club in Kaiserslautern held on three days. In the event Hall of the Garden Show donated items such as dishes, clothing and household appliances were sold. Temporarily the hall was so crowded that customers had difficulties getting through. „The GAIWC is a strong link in the relations of the local German and
American citizens,“ said Mayor Dr. Susanne Wimmer-Leonhardt at the opening cermony. She thanked the GAIWC, namely President Christine Schneider and Vice President Helga Baecker, for their great commitment. Words of welcome also came from Colonel Brandon Hileman“Many club members work here voluntarily – non-members as well as friends of the Club. Without these many volunteers the bazaar could not be held. To all of you my heartfelt thanks and my respect”, said President Schneider in her welcome speech. She emphasized
that the proceeds of the Pfennig Bazaar are completely donated to both German and American charity organisations.Last year for instance the USO and the Airman‘s attic were supported.„I would like to thank our private donors, (RESA, vaulting Department TSVP, University Kindergarten, ladies of the German country club). We thank for homemade cakes or goods for resale. Also I would like to thank
those who support us with money donations because they could participate in the Bazaar.A heartfelt thanks to our sponsors: the SWK, the Kreissparkasse and the Stadtsparkasse Kaiserslautern; our supporters: Barbarossa bakery, news paper DIE RHEINPFALZ, the KA (Kaiserslautern American) and the tv-team of the SWR. We thank the GAIWC booster club with its chairman Dieter Stichler for
selling books and coffee. A huge thanks to the city and its ecology program under the leadership of Guenther Andes and Doris Preuninger. With their active support they helped us a lot. Thanks to the ZAK (city trash plant) too.Finally, a special thank you to the Garden Show and the team of David Lyle. Our cooperation was excellent and we are looking forward to the coming years with them as a partner.Thanks to the person responsible for the Pfennig Bazaar, our Vice President, Helga Baecker. I don‘t want to know how many hours she has raised for the organization of the Pfennig Bazaar. And a big thanks to the keepers of the warehouse: Gisela Kau, Julia Komaromy-Hiller and Soltan Komaromy. They have sorted and packed for hours. A big thanks to board member Marianne Krahl, who cared for our guests and volunteers with food and drinks. Thank you to the band of the Kurpfalz Realschule under its conductor Andreas Vicinus, and to all volunteers
in the booths and in the kitchen. All helpers worked voluntarily. Here again, it must be said clearly: none of the helpers will be compensated
for his work. The net profit of our Pfennig Bazaar will be donated to German and American organizations.

Christine Schneider