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We welcome our new members:

Tina Bennett
Amy Clark
Lori Igyarto
Susanne Kellmeyer
Hedvig Kiss

Pfennig Bazaar March 3-5 2017


The German-American & International Women`s Club Kaiserslautern asks to deliver no more donations for the Pfennig Bazaar 2017 to the Hackstraße in Kaiserslautern. The camp is closed because of shortage of space. Donators of well-preserved products are asked to deliver those directly in Event Hall of the Gartenschau namely in Wednesday, 1st of March from 9-17 o`clock and in Thursday, 2nd of March, from 9-13 o`clock.


Dear Members, who can help Marianne Krahl in the kitchen during the Pfennig Bazaar, also by the hour. Please contact our German Vice President Helga Bäcker,Tel. 0631-72126, email:


The 2017 Pfennig Bazaar

The Pfennig Bazaar 2017 will be held in the Hall of the Kaiserslautern Garden show, Friday-Sunday, 3-5 March. Selling donations on Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am – 5pm. Collecting of donations in the hall takes place on Wednesday, March 1st, 9am to 5pm and on  Thursday, March 2nd, 9am to 1pm.

You can drop off goods in Hackstraße 4, 67657 Kaiserslautern in February, Saturday 4th+11th and 18th, in each case between 9:00-12:00am.

If you want to donate goods already now please call Gisela Kau, tel. 0171-9386666.

Pfennig Bazaar chairperson is Helga Baecker,  tel. 0631-72126, e-mail:


Long-lasting transatlantic friendship GAIWC celebrated 61st Anniversary

„A long-lasting transatlantic friendship is the basis of our Club. We respect each other and foster our cooperation!“ With this greeting GAIWC President Christine Schneider opened the festive meeting on the occasion of the Club’s
61st anniversary. Many of its members but also special guests, including General Richard Clark with his wife Amy
and Brigadier General Richard G. Moor jr. with his wife Kristin and many Americans, had come to the “Alte Eintracht” in Kaiserslautern and enjoyed a lively evening with music, a raffle for the benefit of a refugees’ integration project and many encounters. „We tore down a wall. Now another one is erected,“ said Kaiserslautern‘s Lord Mayor Dr. Klaus Weichel. He called the GAIWC a great club which has been practicing cultural convergence for 61 years and which in present times of intolerance has been entrusted with an important task. Colonel Keith E. Igyarto, Commander of the USAG Rheinland-Pfalz, called the GAIWC “a flagship of tolerance and of mutual respect and understanding.In difficult times as we are in now it is most important to keep demolishing walls rather than creating them. The Colonel had come as a representative of the American Armed
Forces in the Kaiserslautern area. Pianist Sachiko Furuhata Kersting got a big applause for classical masterpieces by famous composers. Among others she performed Schuhmanns “Träumerei” and variations of “Summertime” (Gershwin). Another mosaic piece of the evening was a raffle for the benefit of a refugees’ integration project. Beeing a representative of the Syrian refugees in Kaiserslautern, Philipp helped to organize the evening.
As a tradition, longtime members were honored. With 45 years of club membership, Maria Rosa Moser was the longest club member. Ms. Moser, who will move to her daughter in the United States, thanked for many
wonderful years as part of the Club community.


61 Years
German-American & International Women‘s Club
Invitation to the GAWC‘s birthday meeting

Welcome to a musical and cultural highlight
Saturday, January 28th, 6pm
Alte Eintracht
(Unionstrasse 2, 67657 Kaiserslautern, parking Altsstadtparkhaus or theater garage)
Social Hour with ticket sale to the benefit of refugees
Welcoming by President Christine Schneider
Words of Welcome
Lord Mayor Dr. Klaus Weichel
Piano concert with pianist Sachiko Furuhata-Kersting
Honoring of Long-Serving Members
Awarding of raffle prizes
dress code: semi formal
Guests are welcome! Cost 25,- € for members, guests 29,- €. Cash at the door optional for Americans.
RSVP by Friday, January 14th with Helga Bäcker, tel. 0631-72126, e-mail:
Please note that your reservation is binding, and we will have to charge you unless you cancel in time.
Account: Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0000 0609 70 BIC: MALADE51KLK

German-American Day with Award Ceremony for Petra Lessoing

Petra Lessoing, editor of the Kaiserslautern American (KA), was awarded for her contributions to the German-American friendship and understanding at the German-American Day in the Zehntscheune in Landstuhl by the GAIWC. The certificate was presented to her by Club President Christine Schneider (left) and the American Vice President Jodi Corey. The German- Amerian Day reminds us of October 6th,
1683, when 13 German families arrived near Philadephia and founded Germantown. This day honors the contribution of German immigrants to the development of the United States of America. In 1952, the first Amerian airplanes landed on Ramstein Air Base. Since those years the region around Kaiserslautern has been shaped by Americans.
German citizens and their relatives live together with the US-military – a story with many ups and downs which is the centerpiece of the work of the Atlantic Academy, the Docu Center Ramstein and the German-American lnternational Women‘s Club (GAIWC).

Welcome to the Opening Meeting of the Club Year 2016/17

We are looking forward to seeing you at the opening meeting of the 61st club year on Friday, September 9th in the Deutsch-Orden-Saal of the Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern, Am Altenhof. (Parking possibilities in the Tiefgarage of the Kreissparkasse). Bring your spouse and friends. We invite you to a Bavarian Evening with music and dance performance. Cost for members € 15, guests € 18. (Drinks extra!)


6 pm – 6:30 pm: social hour with welcome drink;
6:30 pm: welcome by the president
Alexander Messemer Keyboard – Astrid Benkel with her line dance group
7 pm: buffet

RSVP no later than Monday 5th September at:
Helga Bäcker,  0631-72126, e-mail:

Please note that your reservation is binding, and we will have to charge you unless you cancel in time.Please pay the cost to our bank account: Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern
IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0000 0609 70 BIC: MALADE51KLK

Special exhibition about GAIWC

Deutsch amerikanischer TagWith a special exhibition on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the „German American & International Women’s’ Club Kaiserslautern the docu Center Ramstein (DCR – Documentation and Exhibition Center on the history of Americans in Rhineland-Palatinate) reopened in the Schernauer Staße 46, in 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach. The exhibition can be seen in April and May. The GAIWC is one of the oldest, still existing clubs of its kind in Germany. The DCR now preserves the extensive and unique archive of the club.
Examples from the collection will be presented in the exhibition. Also, it shows a documentary about the Club development compiled by long-time board member Uta Mayr-Falkenberg. The container village is open Tuesday-Sunday, from 14:00 17:00 The admission is free. Guided tours and excursions by arrangement. For more information, / Tel.: 06371-838005.

Äußerst stilvoll ging es beim „Deutsch-Amerikanischen Frauenclub“anno 1961 zu: Abschlussveranstaltung der „German-American Week“ im „Seeterrassen-Hotel“ am Gelterwoog. Es ist eines der zahlreichen Fotos aus dem Bestand des Clubs, der sich inzwischen in der Sammlung des DCR befindet. (Foto: privat, DCR)
Very stylish were the club meetings in 1961. The picture shows ladies at the closing of the „German-American week“ in the Seeterrassen- Hotel am Gelterswoog. It is one of the many photos from the holdings of the German-American & International Women‘s Club which is now in the collection of the DCR. (Photo: private, DCR)

New: German Class

Learn German in a relaxed atmosphere!


Arabella Noh

Jodi Corey

Where: Ikea Ground Floor Café Kaiserslautern

Next Dates:

Thursday: February 25th, March 10th, March 31th, always at 10am

Fahrt ins sommerliche Bamberg !!! ABGESAGT !!!


Samstag, 9. Juli 2016

6 Uhr Abfahrt am Messeplatz, Richtung Bamberg


Ca. 12 Uhr typisch fränkisches Mittagessen in Bamberg

Danach Stadtrundgang

Circa. 16 Uhr Check-in Hotel

(4 Sterne Superior Welcome Residenzhotel)

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

7 Uhr Weckruf

8 Uhr Frühstück

9 Uhr Check out

Bootsfahrt auf der Regnitz



Ca. 20 Uhr Ankunft in Kaiserslautern
Die Fahrt kostet pro Person € 135 (Einzelzimmerzuschlag 50 € pro Person) inkludiert sind folgende Leistungen:

  • Fahrt mit dem Bus nach Bamberg
  • Übernachtung mit Frühstück im halben Doppelzimmer im 4****S Hotel Residenzschloss Bamberg
  • Mittagessen
  • Stadtrundgang in Bamberg
  • Bootsfahrt

Achtung, im Preis nicht inkludiert sind:

  • Versicherungsleistungen, hierfür ist selbst Sorge zu tragen
  • die Abendessen

Ausgaben persӧnlicher Natur
Verbindliche Anmeldung bis 15. April 2016 unter Plӓtze sind limitiert.
Bei Fragen bitte Kontaktaufnahme unter 0160/99327090 bei Christine Schneider

GAIWC honours Markus Luecke
Festive evening in Ramstein

For the German-American day, the German-American International Women‘s Club Kaiserslautern, the Docu Center Ramstein and the Atlantic Academy Rheinland-Pfalz invited for an festive evening into the Buergerhaus in Ramstein. On this occasion the
GAIWC honoured Markus Luecke, vice principal and conductor of the Big Band of Rittersberg high school in Kaiserslautern. Thus the club paid tribute to his extraordinary contribution to the German-American friendship and understanding.

When coming back from travel, the mind has changed. With this quoteGAIWC President Christine Schneider began their eulogy on Markus Lücke. Very early he discovered not only his love of music, but also to America. Schneider went on the curriculum vitae of
the Big Band conductor who was born in Mannheim. In 1986, as a 17-year-old he went with the youth brass Orchestra Ludwigshafen on tour to California. This trip had impressed him, probably also changed his mind.

Lücke declared in his acceptance speech, why he fly with young people in the United States, which previously laboriously must work out the money for the trip themselves through concerts. By travel, you get to know other cultures and could expand your own horizon. The key to international understanding young people have always with – the music.

Festive First Meeting to the Club Year 201572016 with Guest Star, September 26th, 2015


The actress inspired the guests.

With dreamy love songs and Jazz songs, soprano and actress of the Pfalz Theater Astrid Vosberg inspired numerous guests at the Deutschorden-Saal of the Kreissparkasse Kaiserslautern. She was the star guest at the GAIWC`s opening meeting of the 60th Club
year with songs in German and English from well known musicals. President Christine Schneider appreciated in her welcoming speech that many Americans had come to the event. She pointed out that the Club is one of the largest donation donors of the region which year by year gives many thousands of Euros to charitable German and American institutions. Then she presented a donation cheque to Professor Dr. Erika Steiner for the Women’s Shelter and to viceprincipal Andreas Vicinus for the Kurpfalz Realschule. Schneider thanked all assistants and helpers, in particular German Vice President Helga Bäcker, who did a wonderful job in making this event a festive one. She also thanked the Kreissparkasse for their generous hospitality and the GAIWC´s booster club for their financial support.
Mrs. Bäcker on her part pointed out that this event was a gift to the club members in the anniversary year.
Mayor Susanne Wimmer-Leonhardt highlighted 60 years of work of the Women’s Club which feels dedicated to internationality in a cosmopolitan city.

Pfennig Bazaar 2015


The 2015 Pfennig Bazaar has come to an end. Three days of non-stop sales have left many a loyal and hard working club member and volunteer with aching bones and tired feet! Congratulations to Frau Helga Bäcker, Bazaar Chairperson and all the volunteers who worked to make the event a success. Many thanks to all who contributed treasures and baked goods. There wasn’t a cake crumb nor a sausage left over at the end of the day. Proceeds from the annual event will support both German and American charities.
Christina Callaghan

International President GAIWC


The Cake Buffet at this year’s Pfennig Bazaar was once again very well supported with donations of baked goods. Around 1200 pieces of cake were sold during the three day event. Proceeds from the cake sales will support both German and American organizations.

Special thanks go to the following:

  • The Voltigierabteilung des TPSV
  • Kaiserslautern Landstuhl Spouses Association
  • The LandFrauenverband Pfalz e.V.
  • The Kinderheim St. Nikolaus, Landstuhl
  • and all GAIWC members and volunteers who generously donated delicious baked goods.

Heike Clemens

The English Group


The English conversation group met on Rosenmontag February 16, 2015 in närrischem Outfit. The chairperson Annetta Hammel brought funny english idioms and other members contributed with treats to eat. The group had fun for many hours.

59th GAIWC Jubilee


On January 31, 2015 our club celebrated our 59th Birthday. There were many club members and other guests, like Lordmayor Dr. Klaus Weichel who attended our party. A great time was had by all. And next year we are looking forward to a huge Birthday party when the DAIFC/GAIWC turns 60!!!! See more photos in our “photo gallery”.

Formation of Nominating Committee Our club will hold a membership assembly in May to elect a new Board of Directors for the term July 2015 – 2017. The place and date for the meeting will be announced in an upcoming  Club News. In accordance with our club’s constitution, a Nominating Committee has been formed three months before the election. Club members appointed to this committee are: Ruth Henry, Christina Callaghan, Carol Moldenhauer, Lilo Neumann, Helma Steinebrei,Christel Rötter, and Lilo Weinmann. Thank you for your service and commitment to the future of our club! For questions or interest in the Nominating Committee, please contact one of the ladies. The DAIFC/GAIWC Board of Directors operates on a “buddy system,” with a German club member and, if available, one American/International club member for each board position. Please consider volunteering your time and talents for one of the following board positions: President, Vice President, 2nd Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. Whether you’re a long-time member or brand-new to DAIFC/GAIWC, the board values your input. It’s never too late or too soon to make a difference! For more information on the duties of these board positions, download our club  constitution at, or contact a member of the Nominating Committee or current Board.



The Culture Group on January, 21, 2015 visited the Kaffeerösterei in Kaiserslautern. We were treated to a great tour by the owner Christian Bebensee who led the lecture , and Stephanie Denawell who translated in English. We learned all about where coffee is grown and how it is processed. Christian showed us how he roasts Kenyan coffee to perfection and answered our endless questions. After our lecture, we all enjoyed expertly crafted, steaming hot cups of black gold. Coffee heaven!



On Sunday the 18th of January, we had a lot of families participate in the sport event in Kaiserslautern. The theme was “adventureland in the jungle” and it was a great success.

Christmas Party


The Club Christmas Dinner was held at the Ölmühle in Landstuhl on 12 December.  It was an evening of German-American and International friendship and fun!  The attendees played several fun games including Bingo and many won fabulous door prizes.  We were fortunate to have door prizes donated for the event by the USO, Sandy’s Hairstyling Salon and by our club members Donna Drohan, Vicki Welch and Christina Callaghan.


militaryhospitalThese contents in the baskets are presents from the GAIWC to the Military Hospital in Landstuhl on December 5, 2014.

Goose Dinner 2014


30 Club members enjoyed the classic Santa Martin meal: Goose, red cabbage and dumplings.  Thanks to Christel Rötter and Heike Clemens who organized this great event!

Trip to the Bischoff‘s Brewery

On October 13th, 14 members met for a tour of the brewery Bischoff. Coincidentally It was an American holiday, Columbus Day. The brewer told us the exact process of brewing and also explained the export routes of the well-known Bischoff beer. Of course, at the end of the tour, we were able to taste all the different beers. A Palatine meal was served to us. Mr. Sven Bischoff (the owner) and his wife welcomed us warmly. We said goodbye with regards to our former long-standing member Ilsemarie Bischoff. She supervised our Pfennig-Bazaar toy department for many years.


The German-American Day event on 6 October at the Atlantische Akademie was a great success. Almost 100 people attended; every seat in the house was taken and it was standing room only for some late comers. The Jazz Quarter of the Rittersberg Big Band entertained the guests with a fantastic musical medley.

The German, American and International Women’s Club of Kaiserslautern paid special tribute to Mr.Wolfgang Tönnesman, Director, Atlantische Adademie for his unwavering support to the club; and his continuous engagement in building bridges between Germans and Americans in the Kaiserslautern area.

Dr.Reinhold Ewald, European Space Agency presented a fun and informative lecture, and slide show about the American Space Missions and the implications for its European partners. Dr. Ewald regaled the audience with stories of his hands-on space experience as a cosmonaut during a 3 week spaceflight aboard the space station MIR in 1997.

The evening culminated with the official opening of the exhibition “The Moon is now an Ami” which is a display of original front cover newspapers and magazines from the first moon landing.

Culture Trip to the Zoo

siegelbacherzooOn September 9, 2014 the Culture Group went on a tour of the Siegelbacher Zoo in Kaiserslautern. Mr. Schmidt, the director welcomed us to his place of work. Then Mr. Stock led us past some various enclosures and gave us some information about the care of the animals. We got to view some plants at the zoo and enjoyed the lovely weather while walking around. While there our group of about 18 people got to see the birds of prey show at the end of our trip.


houseofwaterThe GAIWC went to the “Water House” in Kaiserslautern on July 4, 2014. About 20 people attended the event and we were given a tour from where our water comes. The water in Kaiserslautern is some of the best in Germany.We saw many interesting sections of the plant and learned alot about how they make the water “fresh” for drinking. After the 1 1/2 hour tour was over each of us received a special gift and we gave the guide something also as a “thank you” for giving us a very informative morning at the”Water House”.


On June 17, 2014, the Cultural group visited the Ironworks Museum in Trippstadt. We were shown the many different types of iron from the 18thand 19th centuries. Mr. Wagner led the special exhibition “A Journey Through Time To The Celts.” You could see a Celtic grave with gifts inside. We saw a lot of different exhibits from the period between 800 BC to about 350 AD. Hans Wagner was very informative and was willing to answer the many questions we asked because of his experience. A great time was had by all.


pikesfootballOn June 14, 2014 the GAIWC Parent Children Group and the Youth Group watched an American football game in Kaiserslautern. They were treated to a good game between the home town Kaiserslautern Pikes and the Albershausen Crusaders. The children learned about the rules of American football, enjoyed some food/drinks, and had a great time at the Schulzentrum Süd. After the game some of the Pike players took some photos with the group. Even mother nature cooperated as we had partly sunny skies all day. If you would like to attend an American football game, check out the Pikes website for more dates and times. This marks Marlein Auge’s last outing as chairperson of the Parent Children Group. We would like to thank Marlein for ALL of her hard work organizing events for us. If anyone is interested in the position, please contact a member of the board. Once again, thank you Marlein for a job well done. A message from Marlein about her time as a chairperson: “You have to go when it’s nice. It has given me a lot of fun with you and I was able to gather together with the group many new impressions and experiences. Thank you so much for these! We were a great team of American/German parents and American/German children. I wish me a follower of my position, as this group is an asset to the club. And I promise for the work you will always be rewarded, you have happy children’s and parents’ faces! “.


Marlein, Heinke and some friends at the run on June 5, 2014.

Culture Group in Winnweiler


On May 21, 2014, the cultural group visited the Jewish Museum and the Jewish Cemetery in Winnweiler. Mr. Walter Rasche,director of the museum, has been dealing with Jewish history for decades and knows a lot of valuable details. The details tell a lot about habits and customs of the Jews to the present day. During the subsequent passage through the Jewish cemetery, Mr. Rasche pointed out many details fo the deceased Jews here. The cemetery was founded around the year 1720 and at about 6000 square meters is the largest Jewish Cemetery of the North Palatinate. The interesting afternoon finished out in the “Alte Apotheke” in Otterberg with coffee and homemade cakes.

Martina Anctil Award


The gentlemen in the picture are Col. De Coster and General Benenati. Also you see the German and American president of the GAIWC, the German vice president and Martina Anctil

On April 30, 2014, Martina Anctil, the Pfennigbazaar chairperson was honored as having been selected as the volunteer of the quarter Jan-March 2014 within the KMC. Congratulations, Martina. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments!!!


kulturgruppe2On April 9, 2014, 22 people from the Cultural Group visited the Baroque Castle built in 1730 in Fußgönheim. In the Castle there are two churches: The Catholique Church and a special room- the antique chapel. In the Castle’s cellar we saw equipment and tools used in ancient times. The local museum was stunning with its many exhibits. There is a lot of home and culture items collected over the decades that we saw in the textile and Potato Museum. We were reminded of our childhood memories when we visited the toy room. We saw a lot of “doll houses” with a kitchen room, sleeping rooms, a bathroom, and a living room plus much more.  The interesting afternoon culminated in the Cockpit Restaurant (airfield) in Bad Durkheim.


besuchimlandtagmainzOn Tuesday, April 1st, some American and German members of the English language class went to the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate in order to visit the Landtag, the house of representatives in Mainz. We met and talked with Ruth Leppla, who is representing the people of Kaiserslautern as a member of parliament. We enjoyed some treats and coffee while asking her all about her job. We found out that 2 Americans count as 1 German when it comes to receiving tax money from the state and the federal government. Then we watched a movie about the responsiblities of the members of parliament and the importance of elections. This was very interesting, since the state of Rheinland-Pfalz will be having elections for city councils this May. After that we toured the legislature meeting room (Plenarsaal) where the politicians discuss issues. Finally, we walked through the impressive building, the Deutschhaus, which was built originally in the 1800’s by a religious order. It was a very interesting and informative tour and we appreciate Ms. Leppla having taken the time to show and explain everything.

The GAIWC board was invited to visit the donation party of the foundation “Mom/Dad has cancer” Kaiserslautern e.V.

mamaundpapahatkrebsTogether with the GAIWC board, Leo Verlage and Niels Auge took the chance to visit a donation party hosted by the “Mom/Dad has cancer foundation”. When they were there, the boys had the chance to meet the ambassador of the foundation, Marc Torrejón, a soccer player from  1.FCK. Leo and Niels took a photo with him and also received an autograph card. They also got information about how the donated money was being used by the foundation. Both experienced how easy it is to get in times of need and how important it is to get help from others.

Pfennig Bazaar 2014


Please go to our “Photo Gallery” page and click on Pfennig Bazaar 2014 for more pictures.

The 2014 Pfennig Bazaar is now over but not before hundreds of customers came through our doors from the local community. They enjoyed the bargain shopping, treasure hunting, great food and atmosphere provided in the Gartenschau hall. We would like to thank the Mayor of Kaiserslautern Dr. Susanne Wimmer-Leonhardt, and Lieutenant General Tom Jones who helped us kick off our Bazaar on Friday, March 7th. Music for the grand opening was provided by Rittersberg Big Band- Oliver Land and SianBarbosa plus German America President Christine Schniderwelcomed everyone.Thank you to all of our stand managers, club and booster club members, spouses,and volunteers for your help during the Bazaar, and the many sacrifices of personal, work, and vacation time. Thank you also to the many youth volunteers organized by Youth Chairperson Ulrike Näumann.Thank you to everyone who donated financially, including individuals and our wonderful sponsors. And a big thank you to Martina Anctil, who again did an outstanding job orgainzing this event. The community did a super job of making this another sucessful Bazaar. The generosity of our club remains a steadfast tradition, and we look forward to donating proceeds from the Bazaar to many worthy welfare projects through out the region.

Club Birthday


About 70 club members and guests gathered to celebrate the 58th anniversary of our club on January 25, 2014 in Kaiserslautern. Christine Schneider, the German President, greeted all of the guests and introduced the honored attendees like the Mayor of Kaiserslautern, Dr. Susanne Wimmer-Leonhardt, and BG Patrick X Mondente who is the 86th Airlift Wing Commander at Ramstein Air Base. We enjoyed the music of the Winds Aloft US AFE Band. After dinner, we honored long term members like Dietlinde Cusnick. She has been a member of the club for 50 years and has never missed the Pfennigbazaar.


ramsteinairbasetour2 ramsteinairbasetour

On January 17, 2014 the GAIWC/DAIFC and some guests toured Ramstein Air Base. About 40 people attended and were treated to a bus tour of the whole base. We saw some airplanes, watched the military dogs in action, took a walking tour of the mall and had a some coffee and cake at the Deutsches Haus Ramstein resturant on base. A super time was had by all. Check out our ” photo gallery” for more photos.

Barbarossa Bakery


On November 26th, members from the club toured the Barbarossa Bakery. Mr. Landry, son of the company’s founder,guided us through the bakery and explained that the bread making process is still based on handcraft. We realized that it is quite a logistic endeavor todeliver freshly baked products to all 86 stores. Christine Schneider did thetranslation for our American members and thanked Mr. Landry for the donationsduring the Pfennigbazaar.

Culture Group Travels to Offstein

On October 18, 2013, the Culture Group traveled to Offstein to tour the sugar factory. After a very interesting film and slide show about the factory, we put on on our orange hard hats and had a walking tour of the site. Than all 35 people who attended were treated to a wonderful lunch and were sent home with some “goodies”. A fun time was had by all.

German America Day


Dear club members and friends of the GAIWC,

The federation of German American clubs in Germany celebrated the German American day in Würzburg last weekend. This year`s recipient of the Lucius D. Clay medal, the highest award the club has to offer, was Prof. Dr.W. Blumenthal. Prof. Blumenthal emigrated out of Germany during Nazi Germany first to Shanghai, then to the US. There he had a most successful career, worked under Kenney and Carter, taught at various universities and was very involved with the Jewish community in the US. In 1997 he was asked by the German Government whether he’d be interested in becoming the director of the Jewish museum in Berlin for 1 month. Well, 16 years later, he is still the director of the museum and going on strong. Prof. Blumenthal spoke about the values, opinions and ideals that he shares and that he found on both sides of the Atlantic. And that he has a lot of German friends, he had to leave his home because of the Nazis. It was truly inspirational, to listen to this very intelligent, most successful and yet modest man. I was honored as president of the GAIWC to present the club’s best wishes to him. At the same time, we celebrated the German American day in Kaiserslautern by honoring a most deserving ambassador of the German American friendship. I’d like to express my gratitude because of her private and professional involvement in strengthening, deepening and manifesting the German American friendship. As a member of our club, Mrs. Oliver has always supported the club’s issues and goals.