Kindergraves Ceremony             

a Symbol of Friendship between Nations

Since 1961 this celebration has been a part of the major events during the GAIWC‘s club year and has become a symbol of friendship between
nations. Besides the GAIWC the Ramstein Chiefs Group has been in charge of the 451 Kindergraves from the years between 1952 through
1971. The two organisations have joined forces in 1986 in the Kindergraves Foundation. Longtime Club Member Mrs. Bruni Puetz together
with her husband Leo maintained the burial ground at the Kaiserslautern main cemetery for years.

2017 Kindergraves Ceremony

The traditional Kindergraves Ceremony in remembrance of the babies who died and were burried in Kaiserslautern will take place on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 3:00pm in the American Church (Daenner Chapel) at Mannheimer Straße, Kaiserslautern. The preparation team meets at the Chapel at 2:00pm. After the service in the Chapel all participants of the ceremony are invited to a reception. Bruni Pütz asks all those who want to donate a cake for  notification. All German participants are asked to register, it may be necessary to verify the pass data: Bruni Pütz, tel. 0631 76679 or bruni.puetz@, facebook: American Kindergraves Kaiserslautern.

The GAIWC hopes to see you.